Socializing without clothing is no different and just as complex as when a person is wearing clothes!  I have been there and done that!  A naturally shy person will still be shy, and a naturally boisterous personality behaves the same too!  The only advantage of nudity is the “disarming effect”, or what I might call a "group-join mentality".  Everyone attending will have the instant connection with each other due to their shared choice to do something SO obvious!  People get this feeling at sports events such as baseball games and concerts, so the feeling should feel familiar to most people already.

The difference with Nudism is that EVERYTHING is done in the unclothed environment, so the shared experience or "I believe in this" mentality never ends.  From the moment you arrive at the front gate, check-in at the Visitor’s desk, while you set-up your campsite or unload the car at your room, YOU have already joined the crowd.  Removing clothing in an environment where it has been clearly stated it is safe to do so is, in my opinion, actually easier than many people claim it is not.  Even if a person has reservations and issues about the appearance of their body, if they embrace the idea of “BEING” or existing as who they are AT THAT MOMENT and that it is unchangeable at that moment, then leaving the clothing folded in a drawer or on the backseat of a car is easy.

I would especially like to welcome NakedBluntGamer (link) to the circle of nudist and naturist Tumblog contributors on Tumblr!  After viewing a half-dozen of his pages this morning (4/19), I can see a consistency of belief and attitude with the majority of his postings to “I am Who I am”.  Many posts feature people in ordinary, everyday situations or performing ordinary chores or activities without clothes; and I feel this is the most accurate portrayal of life without clothes.

The only sort of postings not related to Social Nudism that I often see are the so-called, “spread Eagle” poses which may be regarded as somewhat unnatural in positioning.  Okay, I said it, and now here is what I mean… no offense intended to anyone Posting or re-blogging these photographs.  However, the way in which I consider these pictures to be “unnatural” is that IF a pose is not something often seen in clothed life, then it is also unlikely to be seen in unclothed life (..unclothed settings, socially nude settings).  I do not mean to indicate you will never see people sitting this way at a Nudist resort or campground, or that anyone should refrain from sitting this way IF they are comfortable doing so.  How you sit, how you conduct yourself while nude, is totally and absolutely a free choice!

However, in the world of textiles, the clothed world, these images most often convey a different meaning; a sexual meaning.  Whether the images are associated with “openness” or “sexual availability” is up to the viewer to interpret, but even a casual survey of people viewing such images are likely to give this interpretation.

Commercial images showing the highly glamorized or professionally styled images of people are also a little bit “misleading”, but I only mean that from the standpoint of the unlikeliness it is that anyone will find other nudists this “decked out” (ever).  Sure, there are formal events and holiday gatherings where nudists will accessorize with their best jewelry, or both men and women will get a fresh haircut or fancy styling, but it is almost guaranteed nobody will ever look as “good” as the models in Playboy, Maxim, Vogue or Sports Illustrated.

So, if you are choosing images to represent the Nudist lifestyle as it is practiced or as it will be encountered behind the gates, over the dunes, or in the clubhouse, the simply naked ones are the most appropriate.

Just naked.  Naked relaxing.  Naked gaming.  Naked softball.  Naked water-skiing.  Naked Frisbee, or whatever.

Naturists do not deny their erotic selves or that human sexuality remains a component of our personalities, but the emphasis is not placed on this aspect of life.  We are Who We are, and this mostly does not change when clothing gets set aside or left behind.

Enjoy!  ~ Centauri4